About Us

We’re two people who haven’t quite gotten around to accepting the suburban dream we were raised with. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, the American ideal of a big house, two-ish cars, a nice lawn, and kids in a good school. But yea, not so much us.

We’re in our early to mid40s, no kids. Kim owns a home in WI but rents it out. We both have a lot of education, and we met at home back on Kauai about two years before we started vagabonding together.

There are bits of Kim in many places, in the form of students she’s taught, plants she’s tended, and bars of sweet smelling soap she’s crafted and given away. Evidence of my own life is likewise scattered – disparate web designs, the occasional short story, and natural 20s rolled just when I needed them.

Together we’re a couple, growing together as we travel the world with only one bag apiece. Just before we left our home in Kauai to travel for a year we gave away almost all of our stuff, sold and donated our vehicles, and pared down to a few of those small Rubbmaid bins.

A bracing experience, getting rid of most of your stuff.

We feel like the #onebag thing helps us to focus on what’s important; people, experiences, and skills, and not so much accumulation and stuff. It definitely helps with the “mindfulness” thing as well, if only because we can’t bring a physical something easily into our lives without letting another something go.

We’re traveling, chilling, taking some pictures, doing some writing, and meeting people as we see the world. The plan is to go, to walk about, until we feel like it’s time to come home.

Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you – send us a message at spenserps ( at ) yahoo ( dot ) com.

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