This guy makes me wrathful

It’s a small thing, in a world with huge problems. But we all have our little “things,” our pet peeves that go straight to the foundations of our being and shake us so that we have to breathe deliberately to relax.

The placer of this bag, he does this to me. Witnessing the situation does this to me. It grabs me so quick and so profoundly, I am always surprised, and embarrassed. I wanna throw the guy off the plane and set fire to his bag.

All in my mind, of course. I’m a pretty calm guy, there in Row 3.

Boarding a plane and loading your shit it almost always stressful. Not only for you yourself, but as you take in the pandemonium around you. It’s a mini-snapshot of some of the struggles of life, struggles that go better if we all just show one another a shred of consideration and respect.

The guy that puts his luggage in the bin sideways as above hates you, hates your children, and hates our Freedom in general, and should be banished to Group 5.

Okay. I’m venting a little.

But really. C’mon.

Never, ever be this guy. It’s such a small thing to turn your bag the right way and make a little room for others. Weirdly but true, it’s a much bigger thing for someone else to lay hands on your bag to make room in a bin that could easily accommodate, because of your choices.

I see this every single time I board a flight. Which is kind of often. Every single time, I ponder, as a way to let go of the wrath that builds inside. I think: I know this doesn’t matter at all, I know it’s just a trigger for ambient stuff I have floating around ( we all have that, right? ) And I know the universe just sorts this kinda thing out… on this very small scale, or bigger.

But fuck does it bug me   lol


Mr. Pitt, embodying all our wrath in “Seven.”

Have a little courtesy when you travel.

Even if it’s just traveling through your life. Be mindful of where you’re standing, if you’re blocking or interfering with other people’s touch day out of your mindlessness.  You don’t need to walk on eggshells, taking care of everyone’s needs before your own. That’d be awful.

But don’t stand in a doorway talking with your friend Ida about her garden and blocking everyone trying to get in or out. And if you’re in a line, actually be in line, not ten feet away all agitated when someone steps into the actual line. And Sweet Jesus when wedging your steamer trunk in the overhead bin, jam it in long-ways like civilized people do. For the betterment of the planet.


Woooooooooosssssaaaaaaaaa    (^_^


What’s one of your pet peeves?