Top o the morning to you, from .ie

The longest air transit time of either of our lives, and we’re here. Where did Wednesday go?

We jumped from Kauai to Honolulu for a day with friends who were visiting there and for a final send off, then at sunset we parted at HNL, made our way through the lines ( a breeze with PreCheck ), a little relaxing and reshuffling of gear in the lounge that AA shares with JAL, and then up up and away.

We left HNL the evening of May 31 and arriving in Dublin the morning of June 2nd. We had quick layovers in PHX and CLT,. This was a lot of time in Economy Plus.

To simulate most of our trip so far from the comfort of your town – find two smallish padded chairs for you and your sweetie. Grab your iPads. Sit there for 24 hours. Every 6-8 hours, walk from one end of your local mall to the other, maybe sampling some food. Go back and sit down. Now and then for fun, go pee in your front coat closet.

The #onebag thing – I’ve managed to get my gear down to an even smaller bag, the Tom Bihn Synapse 26. This is a round-ish bag is about as large as a sophomore’s book bag, but not jammed as much with crap. Kim traded up from the Dueter when we figured out at the last minute all the things she couldn’t live without just wouldn’t fit. Instead she used the Osprey Farpoint 40, my original bag before the pare-down. It’s packed full, weighs more than a steamer trucnk and we think it’s heavy enough so that the RyanAir ticket people will just start laughing as we queue up.

Our Euros hard at work:

  • first non-food purchase: an electrical plug converter because our “universal” plugs are not-so-universal.
  • second non-food-purchase: a chocolate egg with a toy ring inside ( some assembly required, forbidden to sell in the US )

We crashed for a few hours after arrival, then got up and walked Dublin for a bit. At the moment we’re in the common room of our first place. Kim’s just missed Womens and Mixed sauna time, so I guess we’ll just catch up on mail and post some blog stuff. We could do this outside somewhere, on some vivid grass while drinking beer and singing loudly.

Maybe later  (^_^