working while traveling – our ideas


Kim and I have a bunch of ideas about working while we travel. We  ( hopefullly ) have enough set aside so that it won’t be absolutely necessary to work…  but it’d be nice to be able to take this time and set up something that’s sustaining.

We don’t like the idea of selling physical products, but we really really like the idea of sharing what we know and teaching others. With the proliferation of e-readers, it seems like writing some very niche how-to manuals or developing some online courses would be interesting places to start.

There’s a bit more to this strategy, but for the most part it is that simple. Some things we’d like to write and market to appropriate audiences:

  • A survival guide for teachers moving from the mainland to Hawaii
  • A series of informational products for UX staffers – how to do a better job recruting and keeping UX peeps, how to help candidates get better gigs more often, how to be the go-to resource for UX jobs.
  • Another UX effort – UX-English for ESL tech people, to help them learn the jargon and terms while at the same time familiarizing them with the discpline
  • Facebook “rules” of etiquette. This is probably half entertainment, half modern-day Miss Manners in a place that could definitely benefit from a little guidance.
  • For CERT peeps – how to build the best bag possible from the one you’re issued
  • A set of digital literacy courses for kids and technophobes


Not an exhaustive list, but definitely places to start.


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