what about nomad clothes?


I’m not talking style, but rather, fabric.

So you’re wandering the earth in all sorts of different climates, and you want to travel with just one bag. A carry on. What kind of clothes do you bring?

the general answers is – as few as possible. Sturdy, stylish, adaptable. Ideally something that keeps you cool in hot temps, warm in cold temps. Something that doesn’t stop working when it gets wet, is a breeze to clean, and wicks sweat away from your body.

As extra credit, it’d be great if it could go a while between washings without smelling at all, and then when you did wash it, it cleaned up easily and dried very fast.

Such a fabric exists – it’s called merino wool. And they make a ton of things out of it. Button-down dress shirts with collars, tshirts, socks, underwear, even shorts and pants.

Clothes made out of merino wool are spendy, to be sure. A tshirt can be $90 USD. But the shirt behaves as above, and you could live with just two of them, one if you could go without while it dried.

Undies and socks made from the stuff are expedition-class garments. If you selected wisely you could have almost every traveler’s fashion need accounted for in just a few basic items, mixed and matched. My fav item so far – my merino wool hoodie. I can’t tell you how perfect it is in the chill or airplanes, or Denver. Or Chicago.

If this is your first hearing about this super-fine wool, you might be thinking of old wool sweaters or socks. perfectly fine outer garments but itchy and not appropriate to wear next to skin. This is simply not true; merino wool is some of the finest and softest fabric you’ll ever wear.

All of the above qualities make it the go-to fabric for long-term travelers. I also have kind things to say about bamboo fibers and hemp clothing as well, but merino wool clothing is in my own experience amazing all around.

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