“final” bag and gear list

my bag, but not me and not my image. #justsayin


Tom Bihn Synapse 26 ( shown, left )

Yes, it really is that small. If you pack well and choose the right gear, it all just kind of fits. I spent more than a little time figuring out what I needed, and parting with what I didn’t. The effort paid off. I think this is the final, traveling list.

The rest of my list follows, below.


  • Buffalo Jeans. Couldn’t leave ‘em behind. Could not.
  • White t-shirt, 50% cotton ( evil, I know ) and 50% tenson
  • Black t-shirt, 100% merino wool
  • Wool & Prince button down, 100% merino
  • base layer –  black long sleeve and long legged, 100% merino
  • Lounge pants ( because yes ), 100% cotton
  • Coffee-colored wool jeans – 100% merino
  • Khaki shorts, 100% merino
  • Khaki shorts, 95% nylon, 5% spandex ( double as swim trunks )
  • Hoodie, 100% merino ( always worn, never in the bag )
  • MH Zerogrand shell, some NASA material that packs down to the size of a Ritz cracker
  • Buff, 100% merino
  • Shemagh, not sure what it’s made of
  • Smartwool phd mini socks X2 pair
  • Smart wool tall thin socks 1pair
  • Ra II Vivobarefoot shoes, coffee colored ( they look like normal shoes )
  • Baseball hat – NASA

Computer & associated gear

  • Macbook, BookBook case, cords
  • iPad pro, BookBook case, cord
  • unlocked iPhone, cord
  • Satechi hub ( to plug stuff into the Mac )
  • USBc to USB-a extender ( tiny )
  • Encrypted jump drive – 250Gb
  • Normal jump drive – 64Gb
  • TripMate Elite battery/wifi source ( battery and hotspot for sharing )
  • Jawbone Minijambox ( speaker for tunes )
  • US plug small block splitter
  • Bose sound cancelling headphones
  • Apple earbuds and case
  • Audio plug splitter, small cord
  • Micro USB


  • Tom Bihn clear toiletry bag
  • 3oz Doc Bronners, peppermint ( laundry, whatevs )
  • 3oz 30spf sunscreen
  • travel size Old Spice stick
  • AA battery powered trip toothbrush, with cover
  • hair goop
  • tiny nail clippers
  • tiny tweezers
  • Dollar shave razor n extra blades

Miscellaneous gear

  • 20L dry bag – for doing laundry
  • Tom Bihn gear bag ( small )
  • Master combo lock
  • “large” travel towel
  • Two pens
  • Mini flashlight
  • Akribos analog watch
  • Carabiner / jump drive
  • small whistle
  • fresnel lens
  • Sunglasses and case
  • Bandana
  • Water bottle, just one saved

ID n documents

  • Eagle Creek belt-loop passport holder
  • Passport
  • Passport card ( in case I lose the passport, this cad make it way easier to get another )
  • Swiss Gear clip wallet ( small, worn inside the waistline with the clip outside )
  • Bank cards
  • Insurance cards
  • birth certificate
  • SS card
  • Immunization card
  • Eyewear prescription card
  • Pac Safe money belt ( empty )

Detailed later/elsewhere…

  • medical kit ( small, bike-sized )
  • software ( VPN, cloud storage, movies )
  • insurance

One thought on ““final” bag and gear list

  1. — Also, things I thought I’d need, but in the end got rid of…

    packing cubes – my stuff fit better without them. Image my surprise.

    “Crystal stick” special deodorant – just no. Small size Old Spice from the corner shop works just fine.

    Silk liner, for when the sheets in a place are nasty. How about just never staying in a place where the sheets are nasty? This works much better.

    The backup flashlight. Eh. One small, cheap one is fine.

    MacGyver gear – small roll of tape, sewing kit, safety pins, etc. Also eh. Can always find these things, wherever you stay. Carrying them is just extra weight, and it all adds up.

    Tarot cards – I love them, interested in them, never use them. Also, playing cards. Kim has a deck, and believe me you only ever really need one. And that, hardly ever.

    LED candles – ummm, no.

    Elvis figurine – also no.

    — Totally decided to take, but then got rid of once I was a few days in:

    Day bag – only one of us needs a day bag

    Ospery 20L “wash” bag for laundry. Using sinks works just fine, using a washer and dryer works even better. We’re not camping in the bush, so we really don’t need this bag. I thought it was a great idea when planning, but really… eh.

    Purell, saving lotion, and a few other liquids. Doc Bronners does just fine for all these things.

    — On the endangered list:

    My minijambox speaker. Maybe I’ll love it in an apartment setting. But so far… zero use.


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