pack practice – Pete’s gear

first pack

A whole life. The material parts at least. In #onebag



Bag  – Deuter Futura 42. I originally planned on using the Tom Bihn Synapse 26 and I know I could get away with it space-wise, but I gave in to temptation for more room. Silly, I know.

Day bag –  Sea to Summit ultra sil. Packs down incredibly small

Toiletry kit bag  – Tom Bihn 3d clear organizer, replaces my old ( larger ) Kiva bag

Cord & electrics storage bag – Tom Bihn snake charmer. Spendy, but very helpful

Passport/immuecard/ID wallet –  Eagle Creek undercover hidden pocket

Money belt    Eagle Creek all terrain money belt. They changed the buckle on this a while ago, and now it’s not as amazing as it used to be, but it works.

Pack cubes or airbags  Tom Bihn dual bag wins, but I’m a big fan of Eagle Creek compression sacks, a kind of vacuum bag

Wash bag  Ospery 20L dry bag. This is for doing laundry. I know I could just use a sink, but this takes up almost zero space and I was sold when I saw a video of a guy agitating the laundry with it.



Phone, charger, and phone case – iPhone 6+, BookBook iPhone case

Headphones  – standard iPhone earbuds work great for me, Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones are my “shut out the world” backups.

Laptop, cord, and case –  Macbook Air, BookBook case. Clearly I’m a fan.

Tablet, cord, and case – iPad Pro. Patiently waiting for the BookBook case, for this.

Hard drive & cord  – Seagate slim 1tb hard drive

Plug adapter  – Kikkerland travel adapter

Headphone splitter ( not sure which brand )

Jump drive  – Scandisk 128gb

Small notebook, Flexion erasable pen, pencil, sharpener

Battery, etc  – Hootoo wireless battery/router

Hygiene & health


Toothbrush – Fuchs travel brush
Toothaste – GooToob of fancy organic brand
Moisturizer – GooToob of johoba oil
deodorant – crystal stick
cotton swabs
nail clippers
safety razor
lip balm
soap – GooToob of Doc Bronner’s

Earplugs  – ( rando brand )

Towel  – MSR microfiber

Silk liner – ( not sure what brand )



Shell – Arc-teryx

1 pair merino pants – Icebreaker Seekers

1 pair shorts – Icebreaker

2 pair undies – Ex Officio

3 merino tshirts

1 merino collared shirt – Wool & Prince

Shoes – Vivobarefoot RA II

Merino socks –  2 pair

Merino hoodie – Wooly


Shemagh & bandana

Flashlight ( & backup? )


Cheap watch

First aid kit…

antibiotic cream
cotton swabs
anti-itch cream
chewable Peptobismo
non-drowsy loratadine
digital thermoeter
vegetable disinfectant solution
packets or oral rehydration salts
motion sickness tablets

MacGyver Gear ( make list – roll of duct tape, etc. )

Deck of playing cards    vintage Bicycle

Deck of tarot cards

Bluetooth speaker n cord  – Minijambox

Hawaii Elvis figurine

3 LED candles


Cloud backup  DropBox, Amazon, iCloud

Travel insurance

Skype credit

Online docs copy

Music online

Audible online

VPN  Private Internet Access



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