This is not the best picture I’ve ever taken. Clearly. But I love how it shows us both. Someday I’ll learn to smile in pictures. But until that day comes…   we’ll smile when we think of them, at least. This pic was taken in Hawaii, along the Na Pali coast when we were taking a little stay-cation with friends. You can’t see Niihau in the background, or the amazing sunset; really the view is sweeping and amazing from this place.

Sometimes pics won’t capture all that. It’ll just be the bookmark for a great moment. In the blog I’ll try and share better photography, but there will be times when you get a pic that might not win any awards. In this case, teh pic was chosen for some particular reason.

It’s the only one we have, or maybe it’s a great placeholder for a great moment. This place was mostly just a little bit of heaven right here on earth. Kind of like the girl with me.

In a couple months we’ll be done giving away almost all our stuff, and we’ll travel the world together, one bag apiece on our backs. For a long while it won’t be about our stuff, or our place. It will all be about us…  what we see, feel, learn, fear, miss, and find.


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