ipad awesome


I just got the new ( as of early 2016 ) iPad Pro. I also got the Pencil and while I’m learning to draw and do UX design with it, I have to say for me the far-and-away best feature of the iPad is the ability to read off of it.

I mean, you can read on all of them. Or a Kindle, or Nook, or whatever. But I’ve tried a lot of e-reader devices. I have a huge phone, one of the “phablet” types because I thought I’d eschew a reader and do my reading off that. Of course, the phablet sucks for reading. It’s better than most phones, but it’s no library in your bag.

You know what -is- a library in your bag? The iPad Pro.

This is the first time I really felt like I had any book in my collection in my bag. The easy and joy of reading any book I owned, I could have as I traveled. For this, the size really does make a difference. It may do other things amazingly well and for that I’m glad, but even if it did not, I’m happy to pay the spendy price tag if it opens up my entire collection of books to where I can truly enjoy them on the go.

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