lifestyle design – sprinkling retirement throughout

One of the only things I’d like to persuade you of with this blog is that you can design your life. You don’t have to accept the path, the plan, the routine that other people give you.

You may think you do. You may figure you have no choice to keep on doing what you’re doing. That you can’t do amazing things that you’d love to. That you have responsibilities, obligations, pressing matters you need to tend to before you can do any of that dream-stuff.

I suspect that this is not true. It’s been my experience that while everyone has troubles and obligations, so many times we use those things as crutches, or rationalizations, reasons why we can’t take risks to ge the things we really want.

What do you dream about? What would you like to do? Where would you like to go?

What are you doing to move towards that?

If your first reaction to that question is some kind of reasoning why you can’t take steps towards what your heart desires, that might be a good indication that you’re keeping yourself in place, for some reason.

Just saying.


maui road

This is about lifestyle design, taking your life and enjoyment of it and making it a priority now, sprinkling your retirement throughout your life.


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