working from coffeeshops


Do you ever dream about -not- going into the office?

For me, the perfect work situation seems to be this – a place I can go if I feel like it . A place filled with people I can get a good vibe from, a place where maybe they know my name and my favorite kind of tea. A place where I can where casual clothes and it’s never a problem. All the power and internet access I need to do my work, read, and surf.

I wouldn’t feel like I needed to move on; I’d have that feeling of being welcome whenever, for however long I need to be there.

Added bonuses would be 24/7 access, quiet when I needed it.

For me, the model for all of this is a place called Ha Coffee Bar, the best kind of place I stumbled onto in the town of Lihue on Kauai. If you ever find yourself on the Garden Island I whole-=heartedly recommend stopping by, pulling out the laptop, and soaking in a bit of the aloha while you work.

If you’re wearing flipflops, shorts and a tshirt while you work…  that’s awesome. So is everyone else. My favorite drink there – Orange Blossom Iced tea.

Ask for “Pete’s Orange Blosson,” and they’ll know what you mean. It’s that kind of place.


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