some tools of a nomad



What tools does a nomad use? Specifically for working remotely, my list includes…

A light Mac, currently the late-generation MacBook with a retina screen

iPad Pro, for reading and sketching

TwelveSouth bookbook cases for both of these things

An unlocked smartphone, so I can go anywhere in the world, buy a local a simm, and be up and running. If I don’t care to just use wifi and Google Voice.

Google Voice, for calls. It’s mapped to my US phone number, and I can get and make calls and texts for free anywhere in the world there’s wifi.

a solid VPN on all my devices, to help secure my traffic in public wifi spaces

cloud storage and backup – I have regular automatic backups to one solution and my client-facing working docs going to another, with my own personal docs on a third

Google, Apple, and Microsoft apps

Platinum status with AA, which translates to Emerald with the One World Alliance

An Osprey Farpoint 40 backpack, perfect for carry-on and fitting in any overhead bin, can be worn like a backpack or the straps can be hidden and I can sling it like a shoulder bag.

Vivobarefoot Ra II shoes, because we live on our feet   (^_^



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