“Aren’t you worried about safety?”



But you really can’t live life that way.

But you can take som basic care and caution into your life. We don’t go to places where they shoot at people in the streets, or wild dogs or uplifted gorillas rule the night. We don’t go to places or friends in the region tell us to stay away from. We don’t go to places where Trump supporters live, or they destroy works of art and historical significance because they show breasts or penises.

But after all that due diligence, we pretty much go where we want. If no one’s told you, this is key: places like Iran and Cuba ( for example ) are safe and friendly for Americans to travel to. That’s one of the big open secrets of travel; in so many places our media would have you think it isn’t safe for Americans, places they say they hate us, they’re actually just fine with us.

As far as places like Brussels and Paris, where some shit has happened, or could possibly happen…  we have no intention of staying away from those places. If we followed that rule at home, we’d never go to Manhattan, New Orleans, or San Bernadino.

Crazy, right?

So we just take the normal amount of care. We don’t get drunk in public, we don’t leave our shit laying around, or flash our fancy iPads under everyone’s nose. We don’t act like entitled American white people with loud voices and arms waving all over the place. And we’ll probably be just fine.

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