when people ask where we’re going…



…it’s one of the last things we think about. A great quote from a great show:

How come you don’t care where you’re going?

Because how you get there is the worthier part.

Great words. And they really embody the spirit we seem to be hanging onto while we plan this walkabout. We’re not really going on vacation; that’s not so much what this is about. We will wind up seeing some great things, take pictures, interview people, and swoon a bit. But we’re not making a list, not checking items off an itinerary.

So why travel, if not to see The Sites?

  • To get a different perspective, new points of view. On us. Our country. Living. What’s important. How work Gets done. How people die. Important stuff.
  • To focus more on experiences, people, and skills. Less on stuff.
  • To move out of our comfort zone a bit, to practice problem-solving in ways it’s hard to do on a peaceful, tropical island.
  • To learn to live in motion, to make home and heart internally dependent, instead of externally dependent.
  • To grow in our affection and love and understanding of one another, and of others.
  • To get by with less spending, less stuff, less stress.
  • To practice the #onebag thing, to walk the walk
  • To learn to communicate in languages other than American English
  • To practice remote working, and building streams of income from residual sources

And so on. For us, the walkabout is all of these things, and more. When you look at it this way, the question “where are you going?” starts to mean much less. It’s an easy thing to talk about when you mention world travel, but it’s not really important; nowhere close to the main thing.

All this being said, we’d totally like to see the South of France, Greece, and North Africa. And some other cool places.

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